07 mayo 2006

¿Simple English Wikipedia?

¿Alguien se había fijado en que existía? Los de Wikipedia no paran. Además de la versión inglesa, hay una versión simple, en sus propias palabras: "so people who speak little English may easily read them".

No me parece mala idea de todo... es buena para acercar la Wikipedia a más usuarios, y para permitir a más gente colaborar (no hace falta escribir un inglés avanzado para poder incluir información).

Que mejor que un ejemplo prácticol. Por ejemplo....

«When economists talk about inflation they mean that the level of the prices will go up. A loaf of bread will be more expensive than it was before. This is also true for the jug of water, and for getting a haircut at the hairdresser's. People in economics call those kinds of things goods and services. A loaf of bread is a good, getting a haircut is a service. So inflation means that more money will need to be paid for the same goods and services. Inflation is measured each ear, and the inflation rate is one of the most important indicators. A high inflation means trouble. If inflation goes the other way (you get more bread for your money), it is called deflation.There are many other variation in inflation just like hyperinflation and stagflation.»

¿ Claro o no claro ?

Otro ejemplo que me ha convencido bastante es el de la leaning Tower of Pisa
«The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a building in Pisa, Italy. It is a bell tower. The Tower is famous because it leans to one side.
The height of the tower is 55 metres from the ground. Its weight is about 14,500 tonnes. It currently leans for about 5.5 degrees. The tower has 294 steps.
After the third floor was built in 1178, the tower acquired a lean, due to a mere three-meter foundation in weak, unstable subsoil. The design of this tower was flawed from the beginning. Construction was halted for almost 100 years because the Pisans were almost continually engaged in battles with Genoa, Lucca, and Florence. This allowed for the underlying soil to settle, otherwise the tower would almost certainly have toppled. In 1198 some clocks were temporarily installed on the unfinished construction»

Conciso, sencillo, pero comentando suficiente.

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